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  • I had first joined the photo outing organized by Michael after looking at many of the previous outings he had organized for ClubSNAP Singapore, which looks loads of fun. As it turns out, it was more fun than the pictures. From shooting at bakery way before dawn while the bakers were preparing the first bread to the busy market, Michael just seems to have a stupendous rapport with everyone, it made it really easy and comfortable to go around snapping. Thoroughly enjoyed.

    Wong Liang Piow, Kickstarter of Photosphere Pte Ltd

  • Mike is a great trip organizer and each and EVERY time has delivered in terms of interesting/exotic subject nature, ensuring safety of everyone, never any problems with Hotels, Transport at remote locations, quick to respond to queries. But most importantly, his trips are designed with photographers in mind and at a great cost. 

    Eddie Ng, Moderator of ClubSNAP, Singapore largest photography community

  • Mike is my go to guy whenever I want the best value and out of the world photographic experience.

    David Lock, Founder/MD, Arrows with Soul Pte Ltd

  • I came to know Michael about two years ago as he was in the midst of organizing yet another Johor Bahru photography trip. Jumped on his bandwagon and never looked back. Michael's photo outing has inspired me to explore new photographic ideas and techniques I wouldn't have otherwise. His endeavours thus far, has touched many souls whom he has taken great pictures of, evident from their joys and surprises when they were given their photographs on a returning trip.

    Chen Yi, Entrepreneur

  • I have known Michael Lee for 3 years when I first joined his outing and also as photography member in one of a Photography society in Singapore. I can confirm that he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his passion of travel photography, work, and of course his family. We had been travel from nearest JB town to overseas Philippines and explored into villages whereby you can up close with villages. Furthermore, because of his passion of organising travel photography outing, he also earns the trust and friendship from the outing.

    Ng Chee Hau, Manager of Bounce Hair By Design

  • Michael is a great travel planner. He had good knowledge and does his homework before embark the organized traveling. He knows what a traveler and a photographer wants! Traveling with him on many unconditional trips had met my expectations on great photography shooting opportunities, good local food and brought humors among all. Willing to share his photographic knowledge both on the composition of a picture and the camera market !

    Lim Hong Siong, Facilities Engineer at Lonza Biologics Tuas

  • Michael had led so many travelgraphy session and personally it was an honour for me to join and learn from you. The experience of discovering the unknown, connecting with foreign cultures, food tasting, endless meeting of interesting people, treading interesting places and most of all capturing the moments with photography. Travelling and recording all these had never been so fun.

    Kevin Lee, Technician with Exxon Mobile

  • Michael's photography trip was totally different from others. I can feel more interaction not only among the group but also with local people who we shot. I admired Michael's street photography style because he is not only just taking photo but also learn to understand about the culture, work, religion and language. Through his trips and outings, I have also made many new friends from different working backgrounds, nationalities.

    Wong Horng Lit, Test Engineer, Hewlett Packard Singapore

  • It was my 1st trip to Endau Rompin, a national park in Malaysia in 2012. It was also a 1st time that I traveled with like-minded people in a group. I truly enjoyed the trip as I realized that photographers are all nice people with good patience, appreciate art, and enjoy nature. I know that many will continue to appreciate Michael's initiative to provide such photography and networking opportunities. Thanks.

    Edward Tan, HR Manager with Baxter

  • I joined the China Xiapu photography trip in May 2012. Michael was a great organiser and made sure everything went well. It wasn't just about photography, but about having fun and making new friends as well. It was an awesome and memorable experience!

    Supei, Scriptwriter for MediaCorp

  • Michael is such a friendly and very knowledgeable man. I can see that he put lots of efforts to plan the itinerary that is why we have a chance to visit wonderful places around Asia without any research. His passion of photography is very inspiring. Wherever he goes, it is not only taking pictures but also make friends with local people. This helps him & his fellow photographers very comfortable to capture the beautiful moment of people. I have joined his photography trips for three times and got a lot of wonderful portraits and landscapes.

    Tun Tun Ang, Software engineer with St Joseph Institution

  • Having been on a few outings and trips with Michael I have found the trips well organised, fun and educational. What I most enjoy is the focus beyond just simply taking great photo but about embracing and learning the culture of the place we visit. At the same time, understanding and connecting the people we meet.

    Thien Bui, Data Specialist at Thomson Reuters

  • I had joined one of Michael's photography trips. His familiarity with the region, out going personality, and passion made the travelling experience a joy. The trip was well planned taking us on a drive on the coastal area of Malaysia. With Michael's lead, we were able to interact with the local villagers and get a sensing of their lifestyle and culture. This is hard to come by with typical travel tours and I truly appreciate the experience as it agrees with my notion of travelling.

    John Teo, Auditor with leading professional services firm

  • I had join Michael's photo outing a couple of times and it's really a pleasant experience. Personally, Michael host the best outings compared to other outings that I had joined. He is a friendly person that will always share his knowledge about photography. I had made many new friends with the same passion as mine through Michael's outing and my skills improved tremendously under his patient guidance.

    Samson Goh, Aero-engineering technician

  • I joined Michael's photo outing at Johor Bahru. Though I do not know him personally, but I was glad it turned out to be a fun filled trip under him. The first moment we talked; I could feel his earnest sincerity to make the trip a fun trip. He's a guy with a lot of camera or photography knowledge and he's not shy in sharing all the knowledge to us. Even in our first meeting. That impressed me. One sentence I can sum it all… It's been great knowing him and joining his outings.

    Yeo KL, Senior Executive with MSIC Insurance

  • Personally, Michael host the best photo trip compared to others . He is a friendly person that will always share his knowledge about photography. I had made many new friends with the same passion as mine through Michael's outing and my skills improved tremendously under his patient guidance. I would really like to recommend Michael's outing to those photographers that are looking for forging a strong friendship and wish to learn from each other.

    Marcus Ong, WSH Coordinator at ACG BuildingWorks