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10 Mar 2015

"Xing Asia Bhutan Travel" Licensed tour operator in Bhutan

Our subsidiary Xing Asia Bhutan Travel, is a tour operator in Bhutan with full license by Tourism Council Of Bhutan. We look forward to provide authentic travel program to participants for their once-a-life travel to “The Land of Happiness”.

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11 Feb 2015

"Travelling with T" Photo Exhibition

Leica Camera Asia Pacific present “Travelling with T”, a collection of photographs captured by Leica T camera system during Xing Asia travel to China, Cambodia, Bhutan, Malaysia and Namibia in 2014.

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4 Feb 2015

Opening Reception of “Traveling With T” at Leica Galeria Photo Exhibition

A collection of photographs photographed with the Leica camera T during XA Travel journey to Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Namibia in 2014 are being showcased at Leica Galerie Singapore, from 4th Feb 2015 ~ 31 Mar 2015.

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30 Jan 2015

XA Travel is now a NATAS Member

XA Travel is now a member of National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS). We are proud to be part of the Association, together we aim to achieve a stronger voice in the travel industry and to project a better image of the travel trade overseas.

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27 Sep 2014

Travel Presentation at National Library Singapore

XA Travel has been partnering with National Library Board of Singapore in 2014 to run the program and activities to promote travel and photography. The Sep 2014 presentation showcased the ethnic group of people known as the Bajau, an indigenous ethic group of Maritime Southeast Asia who live in Semporna, East Malaysia.

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1 Aug 2014

Travel Photography Presentation at Chongqing, China

We are invited to Chongqing, China to present travel photography sharing session at EF English Training Centre, and to the photography hobbyist organised by Macalline Property Developer.

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28 Jul 2014

Travel Article on Jet Master Magazine

XA Travel article is published on Jet Master Magazine. The Jet Master a very refined and sophisticated lifestyle magazine in China. Topics include forward-thinking ideas in lifestyle, travel, business, culture, fashion, food and technology. We would be working with Jet Master for the new 6 issues on the travel section, covering countries like Philippines, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Namibia.

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22 Jun 2014

New Meeting Room for Pre Trip Briefing

We have been organising pre trip briefing for all feature travel program. The briefing will provide opportunities to the participant to meet each other, and a Q&A session to better prepare for the trip. Thanks to Schmidt Marketing Singapore kindly offer us the meeting room and the facilities.

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10 Apr 2014

Certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

XA Travel has achieved the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification after less than a year in operation! For those who have had the chance to be a part of one of Xing Asia’s travel programs and the opportunity to witness the high level of service afforded in our programs, achieving this status is a testament of our commitment to continue to provide high product and service excellence. For those who are thinking of joining one of our travel programs, sign up now for one of our trips ! We promise you will not forget or regret it !

28 Mar 2014

Opening Reception of “Life of The Sea Gypsies” Photo Exhibition

Michael Lee's photographs from one of XA Travel's signature travel programmes, "Life of The Sea Gypsies" are being showcased at Leica Galerie Singapore.

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28 Mar 2014

Life of Sea Gypsies Photo Exhibition

Leica Camera Asia Pacific is proud to present “Life of the Sea Gypsies”, a collection of photographs by Michael Lee during his travel to Semporna

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16 Feb 2014

VVIP Pre-Wedding Photography and Honeymoon Travel

XA Travel has teamed up to offer a honeymoon trip together with a photograph session to the customer in Mainland China. This unique program would bring the newly wedding couples, and those are celebrating the anniversary for a VVIP travel trip to 7 destination countries.

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18 Jan 2014

1st road show in China

We started the year of 2014 with a successful road show in China. We shared with others travel bug and photography hobbyist about our travel experience and showcased some of our unique photography trip in Asia.

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13 Dec 2013

Master Photographers Association

Congratulations to our founder, Michael Lee who has made himself as Master Photographer of MPA. The Master Photographers Association is the United Kingdom's only organisation for qualified and professional photographers.

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7 Dec 2013

Frontier Community Club - Travel Photography Presentation

Presentation of "Travel Photography" to Frontier Photography Club

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9 Nov 2013

West Coast Vista RC - Street Photography Presentation

Presentation of "Asia Through My Eye" to Friends of West Coast Vista RC.

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5 Oct 2013

Photography Share - The Master Series

Our founder, Michael Lee will be conducting Travel Photography Workshop at Punggol CC, an event organised by BRP Community Arts and Culture Committee. He will be sharing his experience on travel photography to exotic destinations.

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26 Sep 2013

Certified People Association (PA) Private Operator

XA Travel is now a certified People Association's private operator. We look forward to organise more travel photography workshop and share our passion with over 200 Community Centres/Clubs (CCs) and Residents' Committee (RCs) Centres.

14 Sep 2013

Tanglin Community Club - Street Photography Workshop

XA Travel sponsored street photography workshop and presented to Moulmein Photo Interest Group.

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Aug 2013

Click! Camera Newsletter

Our founder, Michael Lee is featured in Click! Camera Aug-2013 newsletter (page 3).

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2 Aug 2013

MAAD Aug 2013- Pentax Q Series Presentation

Invited by Audio & Photo Distributor FE Pte Ltd to present travel photography by Pentax Q series camera at MAAD, which is a platform for designers, artists, architects, singer, musicians, photographers to showcase their goods, or work to the public.

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27 Jul 2013

Northern Vietnam Travel Presentation

Presentation of Northern Vietnam travel photo to Braddell Heights Photo Foto Interest Group

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