Xing Asia

Who is XA Travel?

XA Travel is a fully licensed travel agent by the Singapore Tourism Board with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certified by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).  We specialise in journeys off the beaten tracks and photography trip in Asia and Africa.

The company is started by Michael Lee, a passionate photographer with an deep-seated appreciation of the local people and culture. Our philosophy is to provide authentic and value-packed experience for like-minded people to travel Asia through photography.

The journey will create a platform for people with passion to share and express themselves and understanding local culture, lifestyles and giving back to the communities we visit. XA Travel is always committed to provide you with the best photographic and friendship experience your money can buy.

Who is Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a Qualified Master Photographer by Master Photographer Association United Kingdom (MPAUK) and Leica Akademie Photography Instructor with a strong focus in travel photography. Michael has been organizing unique and highly rated photography tours in Asia and Africa for more than 12 years. His respect for people and cultures has always generated new ideas in his workshops and tours to see Asia in its purest form. A strong proponent for capturing the Soul of Asia and its people, Michael creates opportunities for follow shutterbugs to engage with their subjects. Michael’s respect for the dignity and culture of the communities that he visit has earned him the respect of other during his ventures abroad and in his hometown of Malaysia. His specialties are street candid, cultural and landscape photography.

Michael is a guest lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), a premier arts institution in Singapore. He is also an avid contributor to various photography forums with a large following. Michael also writes reviews on latest DSLR, mirrorless camera and lenses. He speaks frequently to National Library Singapore (NLB) the local community to share his travel experience and philosophy. Michael is based in Malaysia and Singapore, and is fluent in a few Asian languages, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, Mandarin.

How It is Started?

Michael started his photographic journey 10 years ago organizing his first trip to Nepal. A motley crew of 10 strangers came together and bonded as lifetime friends after the 12 days journey. Since then, Michael has continued to expand his interest by staying true to his values to bring photographers to journey together without the frills of a typical travel agency. Now at the helm of XA Travel, Michael understand and appreciates the unique needs of the photographer as well as the need to preserve the distinct cultures that he and his fellow photographers visit. 

Your Passion – Not your Equipment

At XA Travel, we strongly believe it is not the sophistication and price of your equipment that makes a good picture but an strong appreciation of the local culture, getting into the shoes of your subject, making the important connection that will enable an outstanding image that communicates beyond technical capability.

Giving Back

Beyond making images and taking journeys, your experience will be enhanced with a purpose to give back to the communities we visit. This gesture is a small extension of our goodwill but goes a long way to promote the ties and relationships we develop with the locals. We are confident that you will be spiritually nourished and enriched from the experience.